Campo Times: Descend on Bend

Sid, Ali, Isaiah, and Sydney headed south from Seattle to meet Byron and Robyn at the biggest van gathering in the Pacific North West: Descend on Bend.

Camp spots were few and far between so, to get some good real estate, we had to get creative.

Thumbs up for dryness.

See the ridge line?  Vans.

Our neighbors and their converted hummer trailer.  Solar, batteries, rain catcher, water filter, sink, stove, kitchen, bed, and (just in case you need it) a printer.  This thing was dialed.

After a night and a day of wild winds and chilling temperatures that even Cup of Noodles couldn't put off, we packed up what gear hadn't flown away and headed for the tree line for night #2.

We ended up taking the bikes out for a spin.  They came back pretty dirty but, not to worry, we pulled out the shower and used some hot water to keep our hands warm while we washed them off.

Isaiah, getting into the art of cooking multiple chicken breasts on the stove.

The crew that made the trek from Seattle and Santa Barbara to meet for a few solid days of laughs, numb hands, and warm fires.  

Campo Times: Wheel Talk (3/10)

Vanagon vs. Sprinter with the Beck's

"Time, Reliability and Space: these are a few of the main reasons why we considered a more practical platform. Hence, the Sprintervan. Our family was growing not only in quantity (5 now) but in girth as little boys become big boys. The new size was a welcome relief as it felt like moving from a box to a condo. You could stand up inside without hunching over and, while rolling, a lunch could appear without much effort. All of us could be in good seats and we had a bed in back that would sleep three abreast."

- Robyn & Byron Beck

Campo Times: Wheel Talk (2/10)


Vanagon vs. Sprinter with the Beck's

"Moving from an '86 2WD (Gold) Vanagon to the '89 Syncro Westy (pictured) was a change in the adventure level but not always the kind we anticipated. My husband talked me into investing in an Audi 1.8T motor so we could travel from point A to B a bit quicker (we had small children). Like post 1 stated, many 'bugs' hampered our road trips. We found all the VW parts stores and junkyards along each route. To our three boys it was all part of the adventure and to me a lesson in patience!"


Campo Times: Wheel Talk (1/10)

Vanagon vs. Sprinter with the Beck's

"We moved from a 2WD Westy to a Synchro Westy because we wanted to do some family overlanding - exploring the snow and mud while not spending a day digging ourselves out. While we wanted to go to a more capable version of the same platform, it came with its own set of issues. The moving parts of a 4WD simply doubled that of a 2WD which meant more parts to repair and....more time and $$$. I'm glad I knew a little about repairs because with each road trip, I found myself behind or under the van at some point."

-Byron & Robyn; a couple seasoned with years of van life adventures in both Vanagons and Sprinters


Cutting Flare Holes: Do it Yourself!

Q and A with Byron Beck, Campo enthusiast, about cutting Flare Holes

Where does it fall on the difficulty of cut and install on a scale from 1-10: (1 no Skool needed to 10 impossible)

8- because of the undertaking of cutting into a brand new vehicle body.  Once the job began it actually went quite easy. When cutting body you just follow the factory window cutout. 

How long do the cutouts take? (Just the taping/cutting process)

This part of project took approx 4 hours of prep and cutting and cleanup.
The prep was taping and masking off around the window cutout so that metal shards would not get into areas where they rust. 

What tools did you need? 

You will need an air cutting tool with a fine metal cutting blade. So that metal doesn't go everywhere you will need a friend to hold a shop vac close to cutting tool.