Cutting Flare Holes: Do it Yourself!

Q and A with Byron Beck, Campo enthusiast, about cutting Flare Holes

Where does it fall on the difficulty of cut and install on a scale from 1-10: (1 no Skool needed to 10 impossible)

8- because of the undertaking of cutting into a brand new vehicle body.  Once the job began it actually went quite easy. When cutting body you just follow the factory window cutout. 

How long do the cutouts take? (Just the taping/cutting process)

This part of project took approx 4 hours of prep and cutting and cleanup.
The prep was taping and masking off around the window cutout so that metal shards would not get into areas where they rust. 

What tools did you need? 

You will need an air cutting tool with a fine metal cutting blade. So that metal doesn't go everywhere you will need a friend to hold a shop vac close to cutting tool.