Campo Times: Descend on Bend

Sid, Ali, Isaiah, and Sydney headed south from Seattle to meet Byron and Robyn at the biggest van gathering in the Pacific North West: Descend on Bend.

Camp spots were few and far between so, to get some good real estate, we had to get creative.

Thumbs up for dryness.

See the ridge line?  Vans.

Our neighbors and their converted hummer trailer.  Solar, batteries, rain catcher, water filter, sink, stove, kitchen, bed, and (just in case you need it) a printer.  This thing was dialed.

After a night and a day of wild winds and chilling temperatures that even Cup of Noodles couldn't put off, we packed up what gear hadn't flown away and headed for the tree line for night #2.

We ended up taking the bikes out for a spin.  They came back pretty dirty but, not to worry, we pulled out the shower and used some hot water to keep our hands warm while we washed them off.

Isaiah, getting into the art of cooking multiple chicken breasts on the stove.

The crew that made the trek from Seattle and Santa Barbara to meet for a few solid days of laughs, numb hands, and warm fires.