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2018 170” 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter - Fully Off-Grid Living

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2016 Mercedes Sprinter 170” - Comfortable Camper

These clients came to us with a van half built. They had owned it for two years prior to pulling it in our shop and it was looking like they had a solid start. With an extra push their build went from a semi-functional weekend camper to a fully functional, livable, van. We added an extended dinette table, custom galley cabinet with diesel cooktop, extra drawer storage under their bed with a step to get and out of bed, two heavy duty gear/bike drawers for the “garage” area, a full hot and cold water system with 30 gallons of fresh water and 15 gallons of grey water. They were very pleased with the progress we helped them make and we are excited to see how they put the finishing touches on the build. For now, here are a few photos of the work we did and a tour video explaining more!

2018 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 - Long-Term Off-Grid

Our story with this client began with a pancake breakfast and build dreams almost a year ago. Now they have their dream rig, ready for long-term off-grid trips where sunlight may be minimal, water may be sparse, but good times need to be had none the less.

2018 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 - Custom Home & Office On Wheels

This build was created for a client who needed a home and office on wheels when not living in NYC. Features include bathtub, shower, full bathroom, kitchenette, seating for four, sleeping for two, hot water, hot air, diesel cooktop, solar, roof racks, bumpers, a custom paint job, and a whole lot more.

Tour Videos

2018 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 - Built for an Adventurous Young Family


2017 Mercedes Sprinter - Built for Weekend Camping With A Family of Four

2016 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 - Built For A Trip to South America

2017 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 - Built For A Surfing/Biking Family 

2016 Mercedes Metris - Built for Camping With Animals

2017 Mercedes Sprinter 144" 4x4 - Built for Ultramarathon Runners and Their Competitions Around The US

Our Process

Our process starts with an over-the-phone or in person consultation.  These consultations help everyone in two ways:
1. They give you answers to questions in regards to budget, payment, contracts, deposits, timelines, and more.
2. They give you and us the tools to put a solid build layout together and finalize pricing on a build estimate. Our first 1/2hr of consultation is free (if you are a DIY-er we have consultation options for you as well!) and the rest of our consultation time is charged. However, if you end up building with us your additional charged consultation time will be cut in half.

Generally, together with our customers, we land on firm designs and a good starting point after two 1hr consultations.  With this good starting point comes final pricing and a start date that the customer agrees upon with a signed contract and deposit.  Once a contract is signed, and a deposit is received, our customer is booked on our calendar and we will start their build when their date comes.


  • How much do you charge for a build?

    • This question is always tough to answer because we are a custom van building company; no two vans we’ve made are the same. Our average build price is 85K USD not including the price of the vehicle.

  • Do you provide the base vehicle or do I need to provide the base vehicle?

    • We do not provide the base vehicles. You will need a base vehicle to begin the build process with us.

  • “How much for folding seat installed?”

    • These exact words have been sent to us time and time again and the short and easy answer is $2,750+tax.

  • Do you help DIY-ers like me?

    • Yes! Our schedule is booked very far out for DIY assistance but we can help!

  • What does “custom” mean?

    • Custom means: We will build any design or layout you want as long as it doesn’t compromise the warranty, structural integrity, or safety of your vehicle. We have put a tub in a van, a surf board-table in a van, 1,000 amp hour battery banks, no battery bank, AC, heaters, blue cabinets, grey cabinets, brown cabinets, wood floors, rubber floors, metal floors, you name it. You like one of our designs but want a cabinet to be a half inch smaller? We can do it! Want to leave a cabinet out of another build we have done? Done. We cater to you.

About Us

People matter; community matters; being outside matters.  This is why Campo is here.  We believe in the value of human interaction, and the value of bringing that outside.  Campo was started because of a need in our community in Santa Barbara, California, to make multifunctional family vehicles for work and for play.  From the get-go our goal was not to make money, but to bless people with multifunctional, reliable, and enjoyable vehicles.  What matters to us is the stories; the stories of our builds being used for the things that matter.  Smiles are wide around the shop when someone receives a message, a photo, a story of someone using a build we have done to bring themselves closer to each other and closer to the outdoors.

Our Founder's Story

On October 3, 1981 Robyn and I were married.  As goes with most young married couples, we had no money.  Coincidentally, we also loved to travel and almost always it was on the road.  The reality was used sedans kept smiles on our faces (most of the time) and money in our pockets as we drove.


When kids arrived the need for space was apparent.  The Volvo 244 Wagon seemed to be a great fit but as road trips became lengthier, vacation time extended and the boys grew, space shrank.  The next step seemed only right, especially with my deep family history invested in Volkswagens, we bought an 86’ Westfalia Multivan.  With enough space to fit an entire town, it seemed, we were satisfied.

Working carpentry, the van became my truck on the weekdays as I transported materials to and from jobsites.  The ‘multivan’ as it was called, was surely being used as such.  When the third boy came along and Robyn and I became more adventurous with the kids, we upgraded to a 1989 Syncro.  We converted it to a Westfalia, added an Audi 1.8T to help with the hills, and for the next several years spent time customizing it to fit the needs of our growing family.  Whether it meant adding a shelf here or a hammock over there (for the youngest) we were constantly trying to find the most efficient use of space.

As fate would have it, the boys kept growing and our space needed to also.  After cycling through 8 more vehicles (Defender 110, VW 3 door Syncro CrewCab, VW Syncro Tri-Star, VW Eurovan, VW Eurovan CrewCab, VW Passat, VW Tourag, VW Thing) my eyes turned, yet again, to German engineering and we found ourselves with a 2008 Mercedes 144 Sprinter.

I had only seen the Sprinter used as a delivery truck but I knew that, with some solid creativity and craftsmanship, these vans could do a lot more than deliver the mail.

Our build-out began and along with that, the idea to create a company that brought these multi-vans (vans for both work and play) into the market place.  Coming from 35 years of finish carpentry I was keen on making something aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and lightweight.  

After multiple build-outs, two different vans (now a 2015 4x4 Mercedes 144) and a lot of trial and error, we decided to open up a shop in 2015 to share our thoughts, designs, and products with the marketplace.  

Within the last few years we, along with the help of our shop and crew, have manufactured and distributed various CampoVan products to many families, friends, and our ever-growing community of faithful van-goers around the world.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email.  One of our team members would be happy to answer any questions you have!

-Byron & Robyn