5 DIY Questions for $20

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5 DIY Questions for $20

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Hi DIY-er!

Do you just want to finish your rig, hit the road, and camp in the woods? On the beach? On a mountain top?! Are you hung up on a few questions that, if answered could give you some serious momentum towards finishing your build?

Do you have a burning question about solar? How many watts is good for a weekend rig? Full time rig? Are you tired of scrolling forums only to not find the exact answer you were looking for?

We’re here to help! Here are some questions people often ask when they come into our shop:

Do lithium ion batteries die when it gets too cold? Lithium ion vs Sealed led acid?

What is the best materials to use for cabinets? The best drawer slides out there? The most bomber latches?

How is a diesel heater affected at altitude and how would I combat altitude symptoms? What is an altitude sensor? Does diesel freeze? Will my diesel heater stop working if it is too cold?

And others including but not limited to:

What is the best sink to use? Do you use a vapor barrier? Is a vapor barrier necessary? What is a vapor barrier? Best insulation? Favorite sound deadening material? Diesel stove? Induction stove? Cooking inside? Weight rating for bike drawers? Best tires? Worst tires? Favorite awning? How do I mount my awning? Cell service booster? Passenger van AC removal? Best roof rack? Best stereo? Best base vehicle to start with? TV? Solar shower? Full interior shower? Hot water systems? Best Fridge? What is the Rixen System? Maxxair or Fantastic? Pex lines? Sharkbite or Pex Crimps? Panel material? Bed material? Hinges? Stainless or no stainless? Grey water? Black water? How many gallons of fresh water? Worst employee mess-up in the shop? Will my toast fall buttered side up, or down? Do you ride finless boards?

Purchase our “5 Questions For $20” and we will happily bring peace to 5 questions you have!

If we can’t answer a question we will refund you, incrementally, based on how many questions we get stumped on. (We can answer 3 out of 5 questions, we will refund you 8 dollars (1/5 of the total 20).

Ask away! Again, we are here to help!

-Campo Team

(all questions will be responded to via email) (please allow up to 3 business days for responses)

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