Built for an Adventurous Young Family

The Build Story

David and family were remodelling their house to accommodate a youngster on the way.  David’s work/personal room was becoming the baby room and but he still wanted something similar, he just knew it might look a little different.

David reached out to us and within one week we had his empty van sitting in our parking lot, ready to be built.  He wanted our signature build with a few cabinet color changes, upgraded wheels and tires, full off-grid systems with 15 gallons of fresh water, hot water and hot air, a galley with small fridge, an outdoor shower, solar, 110v power, interior and exterior surf racks, a pullout bike tray, and seating that could accommodate child seat hooks.

8 weeks later we met David at the Santa Barbara airport, gave him a tour of the rig, and handed him the keys.  Since then he and family have taken the van on numerous bike trips, surf trips, and camping trips all around the western USA.

A fun fact, we’ve had more people reach out to us because of seeing this van in public, than any other build we’ve done previously.  Needless to say, David really uses this thing (and we need to buy him a couple cases of his favorite beverage).