Our Process

From Ideas to Reality

How Do Our Builds Go From Ideas to Reality?

Every build has to start somewhere.  With us, our process starts with a good handshake, a pancake breakfast (ask Jim & Monica), an email with dreams, or a phone call with details.  

We’ve had wonderful experiences working with clients who are out of state or out of country.  If this is your case, we are still happy to work with you through whatever means of communication is best for you.

After we’ve jotted down a rough idea for a client’s build, we take a few days to write up pricing.


Our pricing is formulated in two ways: 

1. If we’ve built something very similar to your idea before we will give you a firm cost, with no estimate. 
2. If your build is like nothing we have done before we will give you estimates, usually finalized in Time & Material charges.  Sometimes we give estimates with a “will not exceed” amount, if an element of your build has similarities we are familiar with.

Formulating pricing for a custom camper is no small feat.  This being said, we are committed to maintaining a very transparent posture throughout the entire process and are happy when clients ask questions.  We want our clients to know exactly what they are paying for!

Once our client is satisfied with the pricing presented, we ask for a 10% deposit and the signing of our contract to lock in a start date on our calendar.