Frequently Asked Questions:


Our hanging bags work in any van, as long as you have somewhere to hook them.  We’ve had people from all over the world install them in various vehicles, some even in compact cars!

We have a limited space to stock hundreds of bags, and sometimes receive 50 orders in a day.  Needless to say our stock fluctuates.  We are working on providing a more constant stream of stock but until we do, our bags are generally restocked within 14 days.

Yes, we are happy to ship internationally.  You will be required to cover additional shipping.

We are a dealer for multiple van build/overland product companies and do not stock their items, but can have items drop shipped to you at any time.  Feel free to contact us if you have an order question.


This question is always tough to answer because we are a custom van building company; no two vans we’ve made are the same.  Our average build price is 85K USD not including the price of the vehicle.

We do not provide the base vehicles. You will need a base vehicle to begin the build process with us.

Our schedule is generally booked 6 months out.  The earlier you get in touch with us, the better!

If your build is similar to a design we’ve done in the past we like to say 8-10 weeks is a fair turnaround time.  If you are doing something completely new it might take us anywhere between 8 weeks and 16 weeks, depending on the scope of work.

We cannot guarantee a pickup date until two weeks before your build is completed because of the nature of our work, the fabrication, customization, and outside vendors and variables at play.

We will build any design or layout you want as long as it doesn’t compromise the warranty, structural integrity, or safety of your vehicle.  We have put a surf board-table in a van, 1,000 amp hour battery banks, no battery bank, off-grid AC, heaters, blue cabinets, grey cabinets, brown cabinets, wood floors, rubber floors, metal floors, you name it.  You like one of our designs but want a cabinet to be a half inch smaller?  We can do it!  Want to leave a cabinet out of another build we have done?  Done.  We cater to you.

Yes!  We’ve built vans for people out of the country and out of our home state of California.  We are happy to work with you via various internet communication if you are across state lines and borders.

No, we build out all different kinds of vans.  We’ve done work on every body style Sprinter from 2002 on, Ford Transits, Ford Transit Connects, Ram Promasters, Chevy Astros, Nissan Versas, VW Eurovans, VW Vanagons, and VW buses.

Yes!  Check out our van building online course at

Yes, absolutely.  Feel free to send us an email and we can set up an in person or phone consultation with you.

We love when people want to come by the shop, we just ask them to connect with us and make an appointment first.  On any given Wednesday we might be at a campsite in the snow, and we don’t want to miss you!

These exact words have been sent to us time and time again and the short and easy answer is $3,350+tax.