Custom Home & Office On Wheels

The Build Story

Daniel Kuttner of MAD Vans and Iglhaut Allrad USA spent some time working with us in our shop.  He formed the connection between our shop and the client for this particular build.

This client wasn’t shy of giving us a challenge, and did he.  A bathtub was necessary, as was dining space, a galley with diesel cooktop, a bathroom with toilet and separate sink, a bed, 75 gallons of fresh water, hot water and hot air, full off-grid systems with solar, secondary batteries, 110v inverter, and all cabinetry and wall panels needed to be made out of bamboo.

After a few rounds of design ideas we finally landed on one the client loved, and we went to work.  12 weeks later and a lot of bamboo sawdust in the shop,  the client flew out from New York to give his van a “shakedown” drive.  3 days later he returned with a big smile saying he absolutely loved the van and everything that was inside.  Daniel delivered the van out to New York the following week and the rest is history!