Long-Term Off-Grid

The Build Story

Jim & Monica are wonderful to be around.  Our story with them began with a pancake breakfast on a Saturday morning.  There’s something about good sourdough pancakes, fresh fruit, and a warm cup of coffee that helps you dream, and dream we did!  Jim and Monica spent some solid time in our show van after breakfast.  They were able to talk through things they liked and things they wanted to change, elements they wanted to add themselves, and elements they wanted us to focus on.

A few months and a few phone calls later, Jim & Monica dropped their van off at our shop for 10 weeks of full-tilt van building.  With lithium batteries, a solid solar setup, a large fridge, 37 gallons of fresh water, hot air and water, and lots of living space, Jim and Monica are ready for long-term off-grid trips where sunlight may be minimal, water may be sparse, but good times need to be had nonetheless!