2020 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 - Unique and Cozy

Build Story

Our shop’s earliest memories of Glen, the owner and designer of this build, consist of clean, collared shirts and slacks sticking out from underneath a 4x4 Sprinter needing an Espar installation.  Glen wanted to learn how to install one on his current van and our founder, Byron, taught him how.  

A complete Espar system and 3 years later, Glen was ready for a new buildout.  This time he didn’t want to do it himself so he came to us with a dream.  The beginning design ideas were shared over graph paper and good tacos back in mid-2019.  When January of 2020 rolled around the graph papers became drafts and shared space in a folder chalked full of product notes and designs.

We pulled the van into our shop, the folder hit the meeting table on Monday morning, and we dove in.

Some notable elements of Glen’s design included: full insulation and sound deadening, 2 roof vents, electrical systems capable of taking his family off-grid for long weekends (perhaps longer), enough fresh water (22 gallons) and fridge space to accommodate those long weekends, enough storage space to accommodate gear and food for all 5 people, the option to have seat belted seating for 5 people (with three of those seats being removable), heated floors, a 4 gallon hot water tank, thermostat controlled hot air, an indoor and deployable shower, a garage, a gimballing stove and oven, a deep sink, overhead storage cabinets, hanging bag storage, a very comfortable couch to sit 4 people, a twin bed always deployed and ready for sleeping/hanging out, all fit into a 4x4 Sprinter with a 144” wheelbase.

After 3 months of full time work from 2-3 people on our crew, multiple in person meetings with Glen, everything mentioned above was installed and completed.

We are very proud of the final build you see before you and are deeply grateful to Glen for trusting us with the execution of his design.  We have moments throughout business, like this one, where we get the opportunity to see a client’s dreams through from start to finish. Wow, is it rewarding.

If you have a unique and challenging build idea, we’d love to talk!  Feel free to reach out through our contact page.