Comfortable AWD Transit

The Build Story

Our client, a boat designer and previous Campo build client, was working on a few layout ideas for a new AWD Transit he planned to build for his kids and grandkids. The AWD Ford Transit platform was relatively new to us at the time, and new to the camper market, so we took on the challenge with open arms! Our design team liked the ideas our client was working with and, with a little back and forth, we locked in a final layout.

The main challenge we faced was optimizing standing room inside the medium roof Transit, seeing as there is just about 6ft between the floor and the metal exterior of the van roof. Together we came up with a plan to utilize the space between the structural ribs, allowing for just under 6ft of space while standing near the kitchenette. It's quite a great design, and rare to have a vehicle with a lower profile that also maintains near 6ft of standing room in the interior...and hey, who wouldn't want AWD?!

We utilized a combination of upholstery and bamboo to maximize the headroom.


Our goal with any custom build is to optimize a space for the client's needs. In this case, our client wanted a lot of storage with a large space for hosting/gathering that could be converted into a bed. The obvious galley cabinet, systems storage, and toilet storage, all had to be taken into account but our client really threw us a curveball when he told us an indoor shower had to be a part of the design. We love a good challenge, and an indoor shower in an already compact build definitely scratched our itch for creativity. Fortunately, with input and help from our client, we were able to fit everything he wanted!

Modular Fridge Cabinet

The fridge cabinet that houses a Dometic top loading fridge, can be removed and replaced with a Freedman Folding Seat for belted transportation of multiple passengers.


The shower pan was fabricated out of titanium and built primarily to be used in the sitting position (as demonstrated in the video). The pan is large enough to accommodate the toilet and the curtain, when deployed, gives ample shoulder room for a comfortable and warm rinse.


Due to the compact nature of this build, the systems also had to be compact. For electrical, our client opted for a Goal Zero Yeti 1500X to keep things simple and a 150w roof mounted flexible solar panel. The water tank was custom fabricated to accommodate 11 gallons of fresh water and the Isotemp Slim Square hot water tank holds an extra 4.2 gallons. The water is heated by a Rixen Hydronic Heating System utilizing an Espar S5 Gas Furnace. Under the galley on the exterior of the van there is a custom fabricated 10 gallon grey water tank.


Our client took his AWD Transit to Agile Offroad for a full suspension upgrade and also added larger wheels and tires for better handling in off-road conditions. Cross bars and a roof pod finish off the aesthetics of this build to make it look good, but not "too much."

Compact AWD Transit

The Walk Through