Heated Floor Diagram, Component List, and Instructions

Heated Floor Diagram, Component List, and Instructions

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Have you ever wondered how a heated floor works?  How to build one from scratch?  How to install one in your van?  What steps to take?  What components are used?  What methods of heated floors there are?  What method we recommend?  The pros and cons of different methods?

We thought we'd clear the air and provide an all encompassing heated floor diagram, component list, and installation instructions.

Rather than taking the 100 page, "place this screw here, and this pipe here," approach, we provided components and instructions that make a heated floor system flexible and digestible in just 7 pages.  We know your dream van layout is different than your neighbor's and a heated floor should be able to accommodate those differences.  Now you have no excuse to not warm those toes on a cold winter morning!  Wohooo!