DIY Electrical Spreadsheet

DIY Electrical Spreadsheet

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Looking for some peace of mind with your electrical components in your van? Wondering what the right electrical components are? Don’t know what amperage of breaker to buy for a solar charge controller? Can’t find links to all the components you need? Look no further!

This spreadsheet has over 50 purchasable components (with accompanying links) to help guide you through your electrical component purchasing process; a process that can be extremely difficult and confusing.

This PDF gives you not only links to helpful products ranging from battery banks, a recommended battery isolator, solar charge controller, solar panels, inverter, but it also gives you links to the correctly rated fuses/breakers to purchase for each system. So not only are you purchasing a huge list of quality products to choose from, you know you are purchasing products that already work together.

We have also thrown in a few other items like suggested refrigerators, the best roof vent, water pump setup, diesel air heater, our favorite USB’s, and more!

Please be aware that THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR WIRING YOUR VAN. Its’ sole purpose is to provide all the necessary components for wiring a van correctly but does not provide wiring instructions.