Fully Off-Grid Wiring Diagram

Fully Off-Grid Wiring Diagram

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Introducing our DIY Camper Wiring Diagram! Tired of forums with no definitive answers? Tired of wiring diagrams that make absolutely no sense, or that were made for someone else’s van 3 years ago? Tired of little icons only electrical technicians understand? Look no further, we have the answers for you, and we use common English with words like “juice” to describe functionality!

This Camper Wiring Diagram simply lays out how to connect appliances like solar panels to a secondary battery, an inverter to a secondary battery, an air heater to a secondary battery, and much, much more. If you like in-depth explanations, zoom in close to read text describing the function of each component on the diagram. Get overwhelmed with too much text? Zoom out and you can get the big picture without distractions. Only wiring solar panels to a secondary battery and the other information is of no use to you? No worries! Each system can assembled separate of themselves with this diagram’s instruction. This is the most simple and fully functional wiring diagram for campers.


Tired of having to make 1000 different decisions about your electrical setup? Not a problem; we are a one stop shop! Purchase our “DIY Electrical Spreadsheet” in combination with our “DIY Camper Wiring Diagram” and almost every single question you could ever have about electricity in a camper will be answered. The best heaters, the best roof vents, the best water pump, the best and most accessible batteries, the most accessible fuses and fuse types, solar panels and charge controllers, inverters and instructions on how to wire them all up are now for sale on our website!


Let’s get your camper functional and on the ROAD! Yehaw!